Indian relishes and chutneys are traditionally served with rice and are used to add flavour to a meal.  A spicy pickle accents a mild curry and a sweet pickle complements a spicy curry.  Today, pickles can accompany everything - rice, noodles, barbecued fish, grilled chicken and meats, roast beef and cold-cut sandwiches to enhance the taste.  They can also be used as a dip with tortilla chips or bread, samosas, on hamburgers, hot dogs and even with goat cheese. 

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About Us

What is Edna's Pickles?

Edna’s Pickles is a Canadian business started in Year 2004 in Mississauga, Ontario, that makes a line of Gourmet Indian chutneys and relishes. We also sell a recipe books that is a collection of tried and tested recipes which are the result of over 30 years of cooking for family and friends. 

Where Can I Buy?

 Edna’s Pickles only sells through fairs, festivals, Juried craft shows and exhibitions.  Please see our show dates and visit us at our next event.  They are available on our online store and in select stores below

Evergreen Garden Market,
Evergreen Brickworks,
550 Bayview Ave, Toronto ON M4W 3X8
(416) 596-1495

What is Chutney?

 Indian pickle is like a relish or chutney. It is a combination of fruits or vegetables with a special blend of spices, sugar and vinegar. In India, there are many varieties of pickle and each family makes their own version. Flavour, texture and ingredients can vary from pickle to pickle. 

Serving Suggestions

Best served with


  • With rice or noodles
  • With samosas
  • As a dip with pappadums
  • Tortilla chips or bread
  • On hamburgers or hot dogs
  • With grilled chicken
  • With barbecued fish or roast beef
  • In cold cut sandwiches

It's a condiment


Indian pickle is a condiment and the art of making pickle goes back hundreds of years in India. 

Usually each family has their own version. They are very versatile and can accompany any meal.

Some things to note


  • Serving Size - 1 teaspoon. That's right! All you need is one teaspoon to accent your meal.
  • Yes they all have a kick. You may find them spicy (unless you eat jalapenos everyday!)
  • Yes, Edna really exists and she does it all!

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